12 Basic Eyeliner Tips Every Woman Should Know


Many women wear makeup on a daily basis, while a lot of them don’t. But one thing common to those that wear and the ones that don’t is their love of eyeliner. What woman doesn’t like to do up her eyes? Women have a romantic relationship with their eyeliner, so much so that even if they are stepping out to as close as the nearest departmental store, they will dab some kohl or line their lashes with a dash of black.

It is a forgone conclusion that just a touch of eyeliner can make women look and feel more beautiful. Then why not spruce up the job of applying it by a notch? We bring you 12 absolutely stunning ways you can wear eyeliner that will add novelty to your look.

Try this today!

1. Shaky hands? Rest your elbow on the table while wearing eyeliner. The application will be smooth and fine you won’t believe!

Eyeliner tips

2. Add more drama to your ordinary black eyeliner by making a layer of coloured eyeliner just over it

3. Get the feathered eyeliner effect! Create rough edges with your black eyeliner to give it a dramatic feathered look

4. Never stretch your skin while applying eyeliner, else your eyeliner will crinkle. Let the brush glide on the skin naturally

5. Just try the one stroke application for a change. It is simple, but makes your eyes look beautiful

6. It is alright if you don’t get a straight line in the first place. Make an imperfect line and then smoothen it gradually


7. How about starting out by making small dashes, and then filling it up? Your line will be near perfect

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8. Want a colourful look to your eyeliner? Use all colours you have over your good old black eyeliner

9. This is the best way to get that cat eye look. And oh-so-simple!


10. For a fresh, natural and dewy look, line some white eyeliner over your lashes

11. Perfect the winged eyeliner look with a spoon. You will regret not having tried it before!

12.Your credit cards have more use than one! They help you get that awesome flourish to your eyeliner

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