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We take our health rather seriously, and why shouldn’t we, it is after all the key to happiness, longevity and hope. There must be some merit in the adage ‘healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. But it doesn’t hurt to lower our guard once in a while, and look at life, and with it our health, in a lighter vein. While diet-conscious, cholesterol-wary, fitness-addict, is the ultimate way to be, we, in the process, miss out on the passing scenery.

Started by two erstwhile journalists with a penchant for everything lifestyle and lifelike, Well or Die is an attempt to bring forth everyday stories, photographs, with a tinge of humour, sometimes wry (forgive), related to eating better, catching the elusive 40 winks and then getting on with our 100km per hour routine, and finding in all this madness, a definite method.

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